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  • Anti-counterfeiting intelligence collection APP
    Mobile service system and legal consulting services
    Comply with the mobile Internet to provide users and enterprises with a more convenient service system and legal consulting services, integrate social and forum attributes, and pay online Q&A to bring more possibilities (zhichanzhihu)
  • Intellectual Property Right
    To provide comprehensive intellectual protection of intellectual property  rights for clients
    ① Patent application  ② Trademark registration  ③ Copyright registration
  • Raid Action
    To conduct substantial raid action against infringement activities
    ① Administrative raid action ② Criminal raid action ③ Civil lawsuit or settlement
  • Region
    To maintain sales channel for clients
    ① Regional sales channel treatment ② Parallel import treatment
  • Investigation
    To provide valuable information to clients
    ① Client experiences investigation ② Credit background investigation ③ Due diligence investigation ④ Employee loyalty investigation ⑤ Internet information investigation ⑥ Document query ⑦Source of product investigation ⑧Custom records investigation
  • Others
    Other investigation to support intellectual property protection
    ① Purchase notarization ② Postmark ③ Aftermarket product authentication ④ Aftermarket counterfeits research and analytics and related all-in-one follow up and hosting service; ⑦ Alternative dispute resolution ⑧ Seminar organization
This is our age of change. Although we have a lot of business service experience that surpasses our peers, we will not stop here. We continue to demand self-reform, improve service concepts, pursue Internet +, and pursue the direction of the new era, aiming to open up a complete intellectual property industrial chain, and at the same time realize the linkage and closed loop of the industrial chain.
  • Action PlanIntelligence Department
    Provide target background investigation, non-performing assets investigation, market dynamics investigation, internal risk control, social and customer public opinion, brand infringement investigation, project tracking monitoring, etc.
  • InvestigationLegal Department
    Litigation risk assessment, reasonable choice of dispute resolution methods, writing documents, filing lawsuits, providing professional court dialectical services.
  • Client ServicesPublic Relations
    Cantoop purses outstanding client experience. It is our mission to care client concerns like we care about our family. Trust service other than the traditional programed service is our promise to client. The public relations team will integrate all the useful resources in the industry chain as  their mission.