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Cantoop Patent Agency

Cantoop patent business team is composed of a group of highly creative and experienced legal professionals, most of whom are senior patent attorneys, covering a wide range of professional fields, covering machinery, industrial design, electronic communications, computers, integrated circuits, optoelectronics, Automatic control, materials engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, machinery manufacturing, chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, etc.


The business area covers patent professional services such as domestic/foreign patent application confirmation, patent license operation, patent protection litigation, etc. Our patent authorization/validation team includes experienced professionals and knowledgeable young agents. The professional team has a variety of technical and engineering professional backgrounds, most of which have obtained advanced degrees in their respective technical backgrounds.


The Cantoop patent team is developing steadily and growing healthily under the leadership of outstanding experts and agents in the industry. In the active agency work, we provide services to many domestic and foreign customers. Skilled professional skills, excellent service quality, efficient work efficiency, and good business reputation have won good comments from customers.

Patent application service process


Case writing--second-level quality review--final submission--review opinion response--obtaining certificate--annual fee monitoring