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Carry forward the past and forge ahead | wonderful review of events of Kaituo group!


Company profile

CANTOOP is a professional intellectual property legal service organization that has undergone 20 years of market accumulation and baptism. The enterprise is committed to providing strategic custody services for intellectual property protection to clients, providing long-term and comprehensive solutions to the entire process of intellectual property protection for clients.

CANTOOP adheres to the cultural and spiritual heritage of win-win cooperation, diligence and prudence, humility and cooperation. With its headquarters located in Shanghai and branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, as well as offices in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Ningbo, Urumqi, and Chengdu, CANTOOP has established offices in various overseas regions such as Japan, Vietnam, India, the Middle East, and Europe. With multicultural intellectual property rights protection services and the expansion and cooperation of business in multiple fields, it has served and successfully maintained more than 200 Fortune 500 enterprises and large and medium-sized well-known enterprises.


Enterprise development

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In May 2018, the company's headquarters was officially located in the fast-growing "magic capital" Shanghai. By providing high-quality services to enterprises, the company has always been among the best in the intellectual property service industry. In June 2019, the national anti-counterfeiting and rights protection cases won various awards, and the enterprise made brilliant achievements at the end of 2019. In this season full of harvest and hope, in this day full of laughter and celebration, we ushered in the third year of Kaituo's leapfrog development


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In order to avoid management issues and insufficient talent supply for the legal team during the rapid growth of the company, Cairn Topography has hired a lawyer from Shanghai Kaiyituo Law Firm as its corporate legal adviser. Shanghai Kaiyituo Law Firm has multiple practicing lawyers, all of whom have graduated from well-known law schools and have rich practical experience, specializing in legal services such as intellectual property, corporate compliance, and dispute resolution. The law firm has experience in providing litigation and non litigation professional legal services to multiple government agencies, public institutions, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, and other clients. The law firmly protects the legitimate rights and interests of customers, adheres to loyalty to the law, adheres to a highly responsible professional attitude towards customers, and is always committed to providing professional, high-quality, efficient, and fast intellectual property legal services to the community. The scope of business of the law firm includes: infringement products in the field of computer network wireless interconnection, factory and circulation, factory/circulation and customs, trade secret enterprise security cases, unfair competition cases, channel management cases, etc.

It marks that the enterprise has officially entered a large-scale and professional team model. Accompanying business development needs. In May 2021, the company began large-scale expansion and relocation to new office spaces, and established offices in multiple core cities and regions in China. We have recruited more than 20 practicing lawyers, including outstanding representatives from the first batch of practicing lawyers in China, as well as backbone forces from the system, as well as middle-aged and young elite lawyers who have graduated from famous universities at home and abroad in the field of law.

With the support of capable lawyers and management and operation team with detailed division of labor and efficient service, the same year In September, the enterprise moved to the Internet market from a single offline channel, broadening its business scope, from offline to online, from short-term employment to strategic cooperation. In May 2021, Kaituo patent office was established and completed the complete link from rights protection, confirmation and operation. The continuous enrichment of business not only meets the huge user market, but also provides enterprises with more comprehensive and complete legal services.


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In order to make intellectual property rights protection more convenient and comply with the trend of mobile Internet, In 2021, the first "fake love" app project in China was launched. It is a bold attempt for us to move towards B (enterprise) / C (individual) at the same time, It is also a "First app"

Fake emotion with "Let everyone enjoy inclusive, high-quality and efficient intellectual property legal services" as the mission, relying on app, and the three core functions of "online rights protection", "intellectual property" and "tracking and evidence collection". Build efficient services such as online consultation, online law firm and online rights protection

The vast ocean of big data for legal services, by taking the lead in guiding paid consultation in Internet intellectual property laws, fully integrates big data, artificial intelligence and other related technologies with practical experience, laws and regulations, connects users and lawyers, and jointly constructs a trading platform for professional legal matching. Form a modern legal service system. We are committed to becoming a world-famous one-stop legal service platform, working with lawyers to build an intellectual property legal service ecosystem, following every step of China's social development


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With years of case accumulation experience, Kaituo has developed into a large-scale and professional intellectual property service brand. In the future, we will, as always, make great strides towards the goal of industrial digitization and legal digitization! Contribute to China's rule of law

Looking back on the growth process of the company's development, I have thousands of feelings. There is hope in laughter and tears. Looking forward to the future year after year, we will write a brilliant tomorrow with full enthusiasm and practical action. Time may only be a short moment in the long river of history, but for Kaituo, which is growing day by day, it has experienced a transformation process from childish to mature, small to large