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Company News | CANTOOP Warm Wishes: A Salute to Every Woman, Happy International Women's Day!


With the gentle arrival of spring, we embrace a special day - International Women's Day. On this day filled with warmth and gratitude, CANTOOP IP Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has prepared thoughtful gifts for all our female employees, sending them our deepest blessings.

Women are the pillar of society and the warm harbor of families. At CANTOOP, our female employees contribute significantly to the company's growth with their intelligence, hard work, and dedication. To express our gratitude for their tireless efforts, the company has specially planned this gift-giving event to let every female employee feel the company's care and warmth.

The gift-giving ceremony was personally presided over by Mr. Huang Guihua, Vice President of CANTOOP. The company carefully selected a variety of exquisite daily necessities, with each gift representing the company's deep gratitude and best wishes for our female employees. We hope these gifts will bring them a surprise and joy, making them feel valued and respected.

The female employees who received the gifts expressed their deep gratitude and happiness. They said that this event not only made them feel the company's care and warmth but also strengthened their confidence and determination to continue working hard for the company. They will continue to leverage their strengths and contribute to the company's development.

CANTOOP has always been committed to creating an equal, harmonious, and inclusive work environment where every employee can fully utilize their potential and achieve their value. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, CANTOOP will embrace an even brighter future.

Finally, we would like to extend our heartfelt wishes to all our female employees on International Women's Day! May your lives be filled with sunshine and joy, and may you achieve success in your career and happiness in your family!